Enchanted forest 1.2

Pockets of Radiance, Dashes of Metamorphosis


Enchanted Forest Part II encompasses three series: Insect, Golden Berry and Mushroom. HETING transforms the pieces into fairies in the forest, revealing the rich details and inspired fantasies of the land: insects crawl along flowers and trees, mushrooms sprouting from the woods and the soil, fruits layered beneath leaves and stems – together they form a dichotomous symphony of dynamism and contemplation. Founder and Art Director of HETING, WONG shares the idea behind this collection:


“In life, we encounter different experiences and pass through varied phases of the journey. Only through endurance, persistence and metamorphosis do we refine and discover the best of ourselves. This is the belief that myself, my partner and the creative team at HETING aspire. We stop at none, we look forward to the road ahead, to the surprises, discoveries and visions that await us. We take inspiration from our surroundings of everyday life, we look around to adjust and broaden our horizons; only through these do we learn and grow up through the process.”

Mushroom necklace with Smokey Quartz & Purple Blue Enamel
Enchanted Forest 1.2 – Insect
Enchanted forest 1.2 – Golden Berry
Mushroom Bangle with Smokey Quartz & Purple Blue Enamel
Mushroom Asymmetrical Earring with Smokey Quartz & Purple Blue Enamel
Enchanted Forest 1.2 – Mushroom
Mushroom Two Finger Ring with Smokey Quartz & Purple Blue Enamel
Mushroom Ring with Garnets, Diamonds & Purple Blue Enamel