We are so privileged to be collaborating with beauty queen & style icon, Helen Ma as HETING brand ambassador!

HETING’s expressions in its creations and stories within, is an embodiment of elegance with depth and soul, a special ingredient that meets more to the eye. We wanted to find someone that can portray this message naturally.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to just believe in yourself, keep positive and channel all your energy into anything that makes you happy.” Helen Ma

Collaborating with Helen Ma to represent HETING was a very natural decision. Her straight up, down to earth and honest character really amplifies her elegance and confidence as a strong minded woman, as well as a loving and caring mother. We wanted to express a synergy between Helen’s qualities and style, with HETING whimsical world of positivity, thoughtfulness and sensuality of nature. 


The styled editorial is celebrated with our latest collection launch – Enchanted Forest 1.2 – a sequel from debut collection. 


Photography: Dicky Manana

Art Direction & Styling: Eames & Carina

Hair: Cooney Lai

Make-up: Gloomy Kwok

Model & Ambassador: Helen Ma

Wardrobe by: Tagged Archives/ HatwomanThe HulaHarvey Nichols