Jewellery Couture Services

HETING Collections

HETING Haute Joaillerie releases a new jewellery collection once a year and also sporadically injects additional new designs after, based on the collections concept – offering newness to our customers. All pieces are made from the finest materials, sourced globally, from precious metals in 18k gold with variation of tones, a wide range of top quality & natural pearls, precious/ semi-precious gem stones and jadeite, that are usually not commonly/ commercially used in designer fine jewellery.

Some of our designs are made-to-order and lead time is approximately 2 to 6 weeks plus delivery time, subject to the chosen design from our collections and your location of order to be shipped to. We deliver internationally from Hong Kong or you can arrange your own courier service to pick up.

Customisation & Personalisation

To offer the exclusive personalised experience, we are able to offer customisation based on HETING jewellery existing collection designs. We offer one to one consultation at our showroom or over a conference call. We have a range of choices in fine materials, from different tones of 18k gold, to a range all types of natural pearls, precious & semi-precious stones to use for your customize objets d’art.

Production lead time is subject the choice of  HETING existing design, the choice of stones and the availability of material, but it would take approximately takes 2 to 6 weeks, after 2 consultation appointments or conference call.


Bespoke & Sourcing

HETING Haute Joaillerie would not be complete without providing an exclusive one-off custom design & experience for fine jewellery lovers. We are able to design and make your very own, bespoke objets d’art for you or for a special person in your life. Whether it is an engagement ring, necklace, bracelet, broach pin or earring’s that is HETING inspired.

With our very own trusted network built over the years, we are able to source & supply a wide range of natural precious & semi-precious gem stones, jaedite and pearls, that would include official certification depending on there size & origin. Alternatively, if you wish to use or reuse your own collected jewels & stones as part of the design, we are more than happy to service. The lead time will depend on the specification and type of design, but it can range from 1 to 3 months to complete, after 3 consultation appointments or conference call.