Heting Jewellery Designer Portrait Carina Wong

Founder & Designer - Carina Wong

Carina Wong is the Founder and Artistic Director of HETING Jewellery. HETING Jewellery is the embodiment of her artistic energy and inspiration, rooted in her philosophy of finding balance and harmony by combining natural aesthetics and design. Carina’s creative passion has seen her explore and master varied forms of crafts ranging from calligraphy, beading, wood carving to metal-smithing and gemology.
Having graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in Hong Kong, Carina’s delicate eye for the finest details led her into a world of wonder, gazing into every stone as though it were a universe unto itself. Coupled with her deep understanding of colour, texture, form and material, this enthusiasm saw HETING Jewellery blossomed to life in 2015, fusing her artisanal experiences with the world of haute joaillerie.
Through her unique designs, she seeks to connect the timeless energy of the natural world with her clients, encouraging them to find elegance in the mysticism of organic forms. Her appreciation and dedication to craftsmanship infuses her collection with rich stories, intricate details and a vision to reimagine fine jewellery.
Carina strongly believes that the human hand is irreplaceable when it comes to creating objets d’art, and supports the importance of preserving and continuing this heritage, passing this knowledge and skills to the next generation of craftspeople. HETING proudly embraces this honesty in its strive for perfection. Carina won two international design award in 2016.